Which are the best-gated community villas in Kottayam for kids?

Best-gated community villas in Kottayam 

Kids need a lot of outdoor activities during their growing stage for physical and emotional development. Gated communities are an ideal environment for the physical and emotional well-being of children. Equipped with different amenities and facilities that cater to a child’s growing needs, this housing concept has gained great popularity among homebuyers in India.

Childhood is the most important development stage in one’s life, and it forms the foundation for personality building. Every parent would love to ensure a happy and amusing childhood experience for their young ones. Gated communities are packed with everything from safety features to spacious play areas and community living, everything that is needed for the physical and mental development of children. Living in a gated community inculcates a sense of community living for both small kids teenagers and elderly people. Hence, such housing villas are the best choices for families with young children. Children living in such communities get the opportunity to the luxurious open play areas and be part of a group of children from different age groups. All these factors enhance the children to develop better socializing skills.

Let us discuss why most of the children love living in a gated community.

Safety & Security

For parents, the important thing to ensure first is their child’s safety. By living in a gated community, children and parents can feel safer as compared to independent villas. Gated villas and apartment complexes come with additional features like 24/7 security personnel, CCTV surveillance, burglar alarms with motion detectors, access card entry systems, etc. Children can have full-time access to the enclosed play areas and game zones without leaving the housing complex. As children grow up, they feel more confident living in an apartment or a gated villa with the company of many friendly neighbors and friends.

Child-friendly Amenities 

Exclusive child-centric amenities and features are one of the most attractive features of a gated community. It can include facilities like a dedicated kid play area, indoor games room, swimming pool, badminton court, football ground, and so on. These outdoor amenities provide opportunities for children to engage in sports and other physical activities. Considering this aspect, most homebuilders are keen to include these exclusive kid-friendly amenities in their villa projects. Some villas also include a daycare facility to take care of small children. This will be an ideal option for working parents to make use of these services while they are busy at work. The kids will also love to play and interact in the company of other children in the same community.

Spacious Outdoor Area

Being closed inside the walls of the home can harm their little minds and this results in frustration. Due to the lack of outdoor play spaces, activities and open playgrounds in cities, most children are having more screen time with TV or gaming gadgets. Increased screen time is badly affecting their mental and physical growth. Children will always enjoy the freedom of playing in large outdoor spaces that are close to nature. Thankfully, modern gated community villas are designed with beautiful gardens and play areas and pieces of equipment offering a wholesome environment for kids. There is no wonder why children prefer to stay in a community with ample recreation facilities. Experiencing nature is hardly seen for children nowadays, but the concept of gated communities makes it a reality.

Before Wrapping Up

Now that you know why both parents and kids prefer for being inside a gated community. If you are an aspiring home buyer looking for ideal gated community villas in Kottayam Kerala, you can explore the latest housing projects launched by Ponmankal Homes.

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