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Enhancing quality of life

About Us

Started in 2012, with a proactive vision to realize the habitat dreams of many, Ponmankal Homes pioneered in developing quality benchmarks in the residential spaces construction sector of Kerala. We are a trusted proprietorship firm, managed by an Ex NRI professional with years of experience in the construction, manufacturing, trading and distribution sector providing quality Homes in Kerala.

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Villas in Kottayam

Ponmankal homes are one of the leading real estate developers in Kottayam. We specialize in environment-friendly projects in Kottayam that are the ensign of luxury. For more than a decade, we have been in the business of construction and transportation. Especially, residential villas and apartments are our promising products with better quality. The apartments and villas in Kottayam are located at dominant locations and are flush with world-class amenities to ensure a comfortable lifestyle for its occupants.

Ponmankal homes have something that fits your dream and your pocket. If you are looking for villas in Kottayam then we are providing the best quality residential apartments, villas and flats in Kottayam. We deliver our customers by gifting them with quality home spaces, contemporary architecture, environment-friendly designs, timely delivery, with outstanding interior and exterior designs. We are dedicated to providing the finest apartments, luxury villas and flats with a new world of happiness, security and prosperity.

Ponmankal homes provide customer satisfied products and services with matches the requirements of the customers and a unique signature of luxury villas and apartments. Home is one of the places you spend the most important moments of your life that is filled with love, so it is becoming your soul in the journey of your life. The customers of Ponmankal Homes get a delightful experience by providing classic contemporary and traditional homes. Moreover, our firm has a proven track record of successful real estate development.

Ponmankal homes Luxury Villas for Sale in Kottayam

Ponmankal homes, we have a unique style of apartments, flats and villas that matches your requirements and complement your lifestyle. We promise you a perfect home by the unique designs with assured quality checks of process and the materials used in each and every stage. Moreover, we have successfully completed the projects on time with all perfection, that’s why we are becoming one of the leading home builders in Kerala.

We have been in the business of construction and transportation for more than 10 years. Mainly, we are focussing, Ponmankal homes Luxury Villas for Sale in Kottayam because Kottayam is one of the developing districts in Kerala and now we are planning to spread our business all over India with a promising product. Ponmankal homes are fully flushed in the construction industry to make your dreams come true. You can trust us because we believe that great homes come with great quality.

Now we are coming forward with more features of eco-friendly and luxuriously affordable homes that can be acceptable to your lifestyle. Besides, traditional and contemporary villas are attracted by Keralites, so we are under construction to make your dream a success with all the amenities. Ponmankal homes are located at the heart of Kottayam, the Akshara Nagari. A huge number of Keralites have chosen Ponmankal homes as their personal paradise. Our treasure is a team of highly qualified, professional architects, engineers and designers.