Homes in Kerala

Kerala is a beautiful state located in the southernmost part of India with the Arabian Sea in the west and the Western Ghats in the east. It lies in the tropical region, the state always experiences a humid tropical wet climate. The homes in Kerala are designed in a very acceptable house model in south India also in foreign countries. One of the most well-known styles of Kerala is nalukettu. It is a traditional style of Kerala. Explore a variety of designs from our collection. Modern house roofs look great in style with sloped roofs, pitched roofs and flat roofs, etc. But the Kerala designs are apart from all other styles. Because the Kerala houses are designed in a special way of attraction and tradition. A variety of homes in Kerala are developed in this category.

Our villas and apartments in Kottayam have all been hand-picked for their unique charm and stunning locations so you’ll be able to enjoy this beautiful destination and all it has to offer. Our talented exterior designers designed the best yet trending and demanding house designs according to the clients’ desires. Our expert team members have been trying tremendously from the bottom of their hearts with sincere effort.

Why invest in Homes in Kerala?

Kerala realizes that it is the strongest and most effective tool for developing an innovative ecosystem for businesses.

Today, Kerala has become a land with unbelievable potential for investors. Kerala achieves high literacy rates and sex ratio, amazing cultural diversity, a well-developed tourism sector, and ranks second in the Investment Climate Index as well.

Moreover, with four international airports, eighteen major and minor ports, and excellent rail and road systems, Kerala is also one of the most connected states in India. Another important thing is that It has the first international transshipment terminal in India with a design capacity of around four million TEUs and it helps to provide better connectivity between Kerala and the remaining places of the world.

With a majority of schools, local bodies, and government offices being computerized and ITC access points available everywhere in the state, Kerala is steadily becoming a knowledge-based economy.

The high economic growth and abundance of skilled, semi-skilled labor of the state are some of the aspects that make it a land of immense potential for prospective investors. To add to it the huge advantage is that the state is free of all labor-related issues.


Our Homes in Kerala Projects

Homes in Kottayam


Lee Heights Apartments

Lee Heights is a luxury apartment that lets you live an amazing lifestyle. It is one of our completed project work. The interior designs and warming surroundings make each one more comfortable and exciting.


  • A/c Club House with recreational facilities
  • Modern fire fighting types of equipment
  • Generator back-up for lifts & common areas
  • 24-hour security with Surveillance Camera
  • fitness Club and 24-hr Purified Water Supply
  • Provision for high-speed internet
  • Remote-controlled Entrance Gate
  • 24-hr Customer Care

Welkin Luxury Villas

Welkin Luxury Villas are exquisite and spacious Luxury villas in Pala are the suitable choice for an independent family, with the fusion of contemporary along with classic design. This is our ongoing villa project at Chittar, Pala-Ramapuram highway. This project can fulfill each people’s requirements and become a perfect place for their everlasting life.


  • Club House
  • Fitness Club with equipment
  • Children’s play area with equipment
  • The main road, of 7-meter width
  • Separate transformer
  • Provision for high-speed internet
  • Generator back-up for common amenities and common areas
  • 24-hour security
  • Garbage disposal facility
  • Internal roads with proper street lighting.
  • Main Entry Gate
  • Water with a common overhead water tank and wells and much more…

Willow Brook Homes in Kottayam

Willow Brook Homes  in Kottayam is designed for those people who wish to distinguish themselves from the crowd. It is for those who wish to live in an Independent family, then this home is set in a generous, magnificently landscaped environment of Caritas Hospital Junction – one of the greenest neighborhoods in Kottayam, Kerala.

Ponmankal homes: Your Perfect Partner for Building a Homes in Kerala

Owning a beautiful home is every person’s dream.  When building your dream home, you’ll have to make several decisions—from choosing bathroom tiles to designing the kitchen layout. However, the first decision you’ll need to make is choosing one perfect company with which you will want to partner with to build your dream home.

Choosing the right company is important because they will be your partner throughout the whole process—from securing permits to helping you choose finishings.

Look at Past Work for Homes in Kottayam

You’ll want to make sure that the custom home builder you are going to work with has a portfolio of work they can share with you. By looking at past projects, you can get a sense of their style and make sure that it is compatible with your vision. Apart from all, you can ask for references from homeowners that have worked with the company. Speaking with past clients will give you insight into how the company operates and the process.

Offers Comprehensive Services

The perfect and expert partner will be able to provide a wide range of services, from lot selection to warranty guarantees. It is your responsibility to make sure that you research different companies to see that they’ll be the main point of contact on every aspect of your home. The responsible and efficient partner will be happy to walk through the whole process and explain anything unclear.

Ponmankal Homes in Kottayam is an expert and responsible custom home builder in Kottayam. We have an unshakable commitment to customer satisfaction and pride ourselves on being adaptable to our client’s needs.




Which is the best builder for Homes in Kottayam?

I think ponmankal builders is one of the most reputed builders in Kottayam. They have been in the real estate field for a decade. Currently, one of their projects, Welkin Luxury Villas, is in the construction stages. The villas not only provide an elite lifestyle but also an address to be proud of.

Which area in Kerala is good for real estate investment? 

  • Go for real estate plots areas – that are near growing urban centers or tourist hubs.
  •  Make sure it has enough sunshine for the future. It is sunny.
  • Water will become the next oil. Select nonagricultural land that is not prone to flooding. Look for proof that someone had already stayed in the area around 50 years ago. This means that the likelihood of groundwater is high. This also has other advantages. Building permits and electricity connections would be easier.

Though there were few places that we identified, the top result was a place called Kottayam. So just look up that place if you are in a serious mood for investing in homes in Kottayam.

Buy luxury villas in Kottayam and check the upcoming villas in Kottayam?

The people now are living a standard life. Also, there is competition for apartments and villas in Kottayam. The villas in Kottayam are in high demand now. The Kottayam is now the real estate hub for the people. The standard of living in Kottayam is also very high.

The Ponmankal builders have launched luxury villas and flats in Kottayam. The villas in Kottayam are at the heart of the Kottayam city where all needs are accessible from the nearby location. The villas are very spacious and with ample appearances. The Ponmankal homes villa projects in Kottayam are mainly focused on pala.

Which are things to consider before choosing the builders in Kottayam?

Choosing the right builders in Kottayam is the point in every real estate investment. A brand can deliver all the requirements and better financial benefits. Investing in unknown and low-priced projects will result in financial crises and conflicts with builders.

Here are things to consider before choosing the builder

  1. Quality
  2. Design
  3. Track record
  4. Certification
  5. Legal Issues
  6. Proper Documentation
  7. Talk with existing customers

What are the experts saying about future home prices for homes in Kerala?

Builders or any Real estate developer is going to build or create any property only for his true valuable customer. During corona, many would have noticed a price hike in all materials related to all fields, which will result in a hike in construction price. But the land values stay the same at this time in many places.