10 Up-and-Coming Trends About Homes in Kerala [2021]

The Homes in Kerala should reflect the attitude, feelings, and also personality, exuding a distinct character, and a unique, appealing charm.

Everyone creates a home that is elegant and fabulous and at the same time comfortable, simple, and also something we should be proud of and a space to call our own.

It could support creating a living space that stands out, rather than being an imitation of every other villa in Kerala.

Newly, the owners of homes have become increasingly passionate about their dream castle. Currently, architects have tackled innovation by offering homebuyers themes based projects like senior homes, kid-centric homes, comfortable homes, and more.

Based on these themes buyers can select a perfect home in Kottayam for their lifestyle according to those themes.

Moreover, they reveal their social status and personality by transforming their homes into objects. Most of the owners feel guilty about living in prefabricated boxes, with almost identical decor.

1. Buildings Enhancing Health And Well-Being

The buildings should be eco-friendly so keep an eye on how the built environment impacts your health and well-being. So, when constructing and designing a home, it should enhance or improve people’s overall health will be something clients and end-users will gravitate toward.

2. More Focus On Outdoor Amenities

People were spending more time at home but now it is an extremely different situation that people used to spend their luxury time outdoors, that’s why now outdoor amenities have been more important.

So, buildings near parks are always demanding and properties that provide park-like settings give renters and owners great satisfaction. In the upcoming years, people expect more add-on facilities like dog parks, gardening areas, outdoor theatres, and more.

3. Sustainable and Green Villas are Gaining Importance

Especially in the young generation, the green housing projects that leave a minimal footprint on the atmosphere are raising massive amounts of popularity.

Nowadays, a frequent topic of discussion is based on climate change and environmental hazards because people are passing through such situations.

Both individuals and the government are doing their best to minimize the damage to the natural environment and to promote a sustainable lifestyle that will not affect any damage to our planet
Moreover, the builders are concentrating on developing eco-friendly flats and villas in Kerala, by paying attention to each development process, from the initial stage onwards that means from procuring raw materials to creating sustainable designs.

4. Interior Design Homes are Becoming Functional

Last year, interior decoration was not just about being stylish.

To suit the needs of the homeowner They are becoming more functional. As mentioned above, environmentally safe layouts are in vogue, and thus interior decorating is becoming more sleek and minimal than it used to be.

Now, the clutter-free look is preferred by most people for their dwelling. In addition, Builders and interior designers are following suit by implementing ultra-modern design language to attract millennial homebuyers.

5. Gated Communities are Preferred More

At the moment, homebuyers are growingly becoming bothered about the security of their homes, and the amount of security offered by gated communities is unparalleled. 

Moreover, most gated communities are synonymous with splendour, because most of the luxury homebuyers prefer gated communities due to privacy reasons. So, These types of luxury homes offer premium amenities along with enhanced safety by smart security systems. 

Besides, Gated communities offer more space to take an occasional stroll and to relax in their free time, unlike apartments that are raised in smaller areas.

6. Security is Gaining Importance

 In 2021, it is becoming an essential factor, that is most of the latest villas or apartment projects in Kerala are already presenting adequate security services to homebuyers. At present, homes are becoming advanced, smarter and more sophisticated regarding the matter of safety. For instance, we can see a lot of innovative technologies like smart locks and security automation systems introduced in modern villas or apartments constructions in Kerala these days. This is one of the additional features of the traditional methods of employing security personnel and doormen.

7. Voice Assistant

Modern homes are assembled with voice assistant technology like Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple HomePod which makes lives more comfortable and easier.

Voice assistant is one of the advanced technology so these pieces of equipment are used for home automation to work and they can easily manage all your work by just saying “Hey Google” for Google Home, “Hey Alexa” for Amazon Echo, or “Hey Siri” for Apple HomePod and then, work as per the request.

Now, you can work on multiple tasks at your home by using these hands-free technological devices. For instance, suppose you are reading books while sitting in the bedroom, and simultaneously, you can preheat the oven or can add a soak cycle to the current load in the washer.

Also don’t miss to check out the tips for how to soundproof your apartment?

8. Best neutral paint colours with Open Layout

Nowadays, open design layouts are trending because they love eco-friendly house construction. It also reduces construction costs. In addition, this open design layout improves light and ventilation. A touch of nature always gives a better feeling so if you are planning to give precious time to your guests in your home, connect directly to the outdoor space of your home and they also will experience over the moon.

9. Purchase Indoor Plants

Nowadays, indoor plants are playing a vital role in home decoration. Different types of indoor plants are available in the market because these plants also encourage you to lead wholesome and a healthy lifestyle. They will not only boost up or strengthen the aesthetic look of your home but also give you a novel touch of nature.

Moreover, These plants can also improve indoor breeze quality and extirpate carbon dioxide from your inside air. So, come to an end, these indoor plants are not only favourable for the décor of your home but will help you to overcome some health conditions like depression, stress, anxiety, mental agony, high blood pressure, and many more.

To enhance the inner atmosphere of your home, you need to purchase plants like Amaryllis, the Moth Orchid, or the Peace Lily.

Future expansion

The main benefit of homebuyers is now you can always expand your compound in accordance with the availability of the area. Future can simply switch your home with innovations especially based on new technologies and also necessities that are needed for your home according to your lifestyle. As well, people can easily arrange or assemble the furniture freely if there is an open space in the house.

Homes in Kerala are becoming more versatile because they focus on the designing and construction of most modern homes within the perspective of the clients. Mainly, interior and exterior designing, Kerala traditional homes designs, Kerala contemporary interior designs, modern graphic designing the construction of the home with nature touch and whole work related to that is safe home wiring, painting, the building of greeny landscape, pools, and everything will come under the new trending houses.